Mystery Video


Mystery video includes all surveys in which a tester (mystery shopper) records his or her activities with a concealed camera or has them recorded. Synonymously used terms are video mystery shopping, video test, test with video, or audio/video test. In the case of mystery audio, the above applies mutatis mutandis to mystery audio activities where only an audio recording is made.

With mystery video, collected information becomes provable. The videos/audios can also be used for training purposes.

By video or audio a recording of the complete test or defined process steps is made. The recording is made by a camera (or audio recording device), which is worn concealed on the tester or attached to a carried object. The length of recordings of covert video recordings is limited.

concertare offers audio or video recording of tests, particularly in the international arena. Covert recording is always subject to various requirements and restrictions imposed by national legislation. We will be happy to advise you on the options for making audio and video recordings within the scope of permissible possibilities. This does not constitute legal advice.

Do you have questions about mystery research with video? We will be happy to advise you!